General Terms and Conditions of Koorschool Delft

English Translation of the original document in Dutch.

In the event of disputes, the Dutch text and the jurisdiction of The Netherlands shall prevail.


Registration for and starting with lessons or a project, workshop or singing day is possible throughout the year. Before the start date of the lessons or the project, workshop or singing day, the application form needs to be filled in and returned to Koorschool Delft. For pupils/students/participants under the age of 18 the registration by a parent or caretaker is required.

Koorschool Delft will contact applicants about the registration within three working days (with the exception of school holidays). The enrolment will be converted into a final enrolment after Koorschool Delft has confirmed that the pupil/student/participant can be placed and the (first) payment has been made.

Koorschool Delft reserves the right not to proceed with a series of lessons or project, workshop or singing day in case of insufficient enrollments.

Waiting list

If a choir class or project, workshop or singing day is fully booked, the pupil/student participant will be placed on the waiting list. As soon as a place becomes available, the pupil/student/participant or their parent/guardian will be notified.

Placement in a different choir class

A pupil/student/participant can, with a view to their progress during the school year, be placed in a different choir class after consultation, as a result of which the teaching hours for this pupil/student/participant may change.

School year and holidays

A school year at Koorschool Delft consists of 38 lesson weeks and runs parallel to the school year of primary education in Delft.

During a school year the regular school holidays (of the Midden region, according to the schedule of the Dutch Ministry Education and Science) and official public holidays are observed. The Christmas holidays and summer holidays are extended by one week. At the beginning of each school year the holidays are announced in writing.

Inability to attend of a choir class pupil/student/course participant

If a pupil/ student/participant is prevented from attending due to illness or for other reasons, Koorschool Delft must be notified via, even if at the last moment or even after the lesson/event for noticfication. Missed lessons must be paid for and cannot be made up.

Lesson cancellation

If the teacher is unable to teach, Koorschool Delft will primarily try to provide an adequate substitute. Should the promised number of lessons not be achieved due to cancellation of lessons, these lessons will be made up at the end of the school year or project. If this is not possible, the money paid for cancelled lessons will be refunded.

Termination on the part of a choir class pupil

Notice of termination can only be given in writing. The notice period is 30 days.


The prices differ per class/group, project, workshop or singing day and can be adjusted annually on January 1st. Price changes will be communicated in writing to the person liable for payment by 30 November at the latest. Changes will also be published on the website.

Payment for choir classes and courses

The person liable for the lesson fee will receive an invoice after registration. Invoicing of the lessons takes place at the start of a series of lessons or project. If the lesson fee is not paid on time, € 20.00 administrative costs will be charged. Any costs of collection, both judicial and extra-judicial, will be passed on to the party responsible for payment. If payment is not made immediately after a reminder, the right to lessons will lapse.

The following options apply to the payment of annual courses:

payment of the total tuition fees for one school year in one sum;

payment divided into 12 monthly instalments.

On the application form, the person responsible for payment shall indicate in writing which payment option is chosen.

Payment in cash is not possible.

Payment for projects, workshops and singing days

The payment of projects, workshops and singing days must be made in one sum. The participant receives an invoice or receives the payment details by email. If a participant is unable to attend due to illness or for other reasons, a cancellation must be communicated via, even if this is at the last moment or even afterwards for notification. In case of cancellation after confirmation of participation within 30 days before the date of the project, workshop or singing day, a payment obligation applies and there will be no refund.


Data of pupils/students/participants are registered in the administration of Koorschool Delft and are used to inform them about matters relevant to (the administration of) the lesson or project, its progress or a follow-up. Personal data will not be passed on to third parties. Also see under Privacy Statement.

Photography, sound and visual recordings

Occasionally Koorschool Delft makes sound and/or visual recordings of pupils/students/participants during lessons, rehearsals and other activities, for the purpose of the website, leaflets or other publicity. Pupils/students/participants and/or their legal representatives cannot derive any rights from the use for these purposes.

In the case of photographs of minors, Koorschool Delft will never show their names together with these pictures. Parents/Guardians who object to the use of photographs depicting their child must personally inform Koorschool Delft of this.


Although Koorschool Delft does its utmost to serve all pupils/participants optimally, it may occur that a pupil/participant is not satisfied with a lesson, teacher or facilities. In that case, a complaint can be submitted in writing to Koorschool Delft, which will be dealt with within three working days (with the exception of school holidays).


Koorschool Delft is not liable for damage to and/or loss of personal property of pupils/students/participants.

Modification of the terms and conditions

These General Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. Any change will be notified to all registered pupils/students/participants by email. After this notification, they may give notice of immediate termination during 30 days.